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FAQs and Terms & Conditions


Home staging is the act of enhancing the home, it’s our job to down play on the imperfections and up play the perfections. LDD team want to make your home yummylicious and delicious that any buyer walking through your home don’t even notice those little imperfections.

Generally the LDD team spend 3-5 hours onsite setting up, depending on size of home.

LDD are professionals that understand how the market works. Showing the potential home buyer coming into the home can visualise themselves not only living in the home but can visualize an elevated lifestyle.

LDD have different kinds of packages, on average it can cost as little as $250 for partial staging. Full staging packages start at $1,500 plus GST conditions apply.

Yes, LDD are constantly refreshing and updating our inventory, and all items are available for purchase.

LDD staging packages cover for four weeks plus one week free of charge. Packages includes free initial consultation, delivery, assembly and removal.

Terms & Conditions

“Company” shall mean Look Delicious Decor and its successors and assigns.

“Hirer” shall mean the person(s), company or trust named in the above quote/contract for furniture hire as Hirer and any person(s) acting on behalf of or with the authority of the Hirer.

“Furniture” shall mean the furniture supplied on hire by Look Delicious Decor to the Hirer and may include where necessary accessories to complement the Furniture.

The Hirer undertakes to keep the furniture in good order and agrees not to move or relocate any items without prior approval from Look Delicious Decor. If any piece of furniture and/or any accessory is damaged or soiled in any way by use or neglect while it is in the above specified property, or if any furniture and/or any accessory is removed from that property, the Hirer will be responsible for the cost of restoration and/or cleaning and/or replacement of the furniture and/or accessories at the sole discretion of Look Delicious Decor.

Nothing in this contract shall create or constitute, or be deemed to create or constitute a partnership between the parties or any of them and Look Delicious Decor, nor to constitute or create, or be deemed to create or constitute a party as an agent of any other party for any purpose whatsoever. No party shall have any authority or power to bind or commit, act or represent or hold that party out as having authority to act as an agent of, or in any way to bind or commit the other party to any obligation.

The Hirer acknowledges and agrees that any representation, statement or warranty about the property where the furniture is installed which results from the Hirer’s use of the Furniture shall be a representation, statement or warranty given solely by the Hirer and not Look Delicious Decor Limited and the Hirer shall indemnify Look Delicious Decor from any such claims by third parties.

Hirer has an initial 4 (four) week minimum hire period, which is non-refundable.

After the minimum 4 (four) week initial period, this contract may be renewed for an additional 4 (four) week period.

The Hirer agrees that failure to notify Look Delicious Decor of the termination of this contract will result in a renewal notice being generated. Extension periods are in four-week time frames only. Removal notification is one week (seven days) and a refund will be given for the unused time after removal. The Hirer will be liable for payment until the notification period has expired.

Unless the Hirer notifies Look Delicious Decor otherwise at the time of delivery of the Furniture, the Hirer acknowledges and agrees that the Furniture has been delivered safely and without causing any damage to the property at the installation address. once Delivery has commenced if subsequent changes are required by the Hirer, then an additional charge will be payable. Hirer is responsible to notify Look Delicious Decor on any Hirer’s own furniture/items that need to be relocated on the premises of the property, additional chargers will apply. It is the Hirer’s responsibility to notify Look Delicious Decor and/or third parties of any visible wear and tear and/or defects in or on the property that may be concealed by the Furniture. The Hirer shall indemnify and keep indemnified Look Delicious Decor from any claims made by third parties that the Furniture was placed in a manner that concealed otherwise visible wear and tear and/or defects in or on the property.

All hired items shall be covered by Look Delicious Decor insurance at no additional charge while at the Property against loss or accidental damage. Any suffered loss or damage in result, the Hirer is obligated to pay any liability resulting from this.

Free Consultation

We also offer our clients a free consultation to find out exactly what they have in mind for their property. This time will allow us to form a design that will transform your property to appeal to a broad range of buyers.

“a lot of people don’t know what they want until you show it to them”

Steve Jobs

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