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Our Services

We offer a number of different staging packages to suit every client and budget

Look Delicious Décor Home Staging aim to view your property through the ‘buyers eye’ by presenting your home to its full potential. By highlighting the best features, and creating an inviting atmosphere that will connect with buyers emotionally. The team have the expertise and the resources to stage the smallest apartments that can be difficult to furnish, to the biggest villas with an abundance of space.

Various packages Look Delicious Decor have to offer

Express staging
48 hours

Home staging may not be within everybody’s budget, therefore Look Delicious Décor offer a unique package to our clients. When selling a house, marketing is of the utmost importance. Providing our clients with a 48 hour staging package which allows for photography to be taken while the property has been staged. Our clients collect a “rooms-worth” of soft furnishings and artwork and take these away with them to set up alongside their existing furniture. If required, we are able to send one of our highly qualified team-members along also.

Full staging
5 weeks

Look Delicious Décor offer complimentary consultation to our clients to find out exactly what they are looking to achieve and the market they are focusing on so we can form a design accordingly.

The team assign items of quality furniture and soft furnishings from our extensive inventory. Which would best complement your home and pair it with beautiful artwork that will create a paramount first impression. The team at Look Delicious Décor aim to have the property fully staged within a day with stunning results.

Partial staging
5 weeks

For this package is a fee of $250 for 1-hour consultation that then goes towards your partial staging cost. We walk through the house with the homeowner and /or the agent and discuss in detail what needs to be done to prepare the house for sale, including the furniture placement, paint colours finishes and curb appeal. Consultation of their property to assess how much furniture we need to provide and which items need to be removed. Following on from this, we will stage the property with a mixture of the items that our clients already own. Paired with our items which will give each room some character and inject some life into them.

Full package

In addition to staging the inside of any house. Look Delicious Decor are able to provide cleaners, curtain makers, landscapers, painters (indoor and outdoor) & photographers to ensure that your property is looking great from the outside – in. Please contact us to organise any of these services – the team are happy to help.

Please don’t hesitate to contact Look Delicious Decor to find out more about our packages.

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